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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the program?

If you know the SEO plan you'd like to invest in, you can sign up directly from our service page at https://www.getdigitalshift.com/services. Please click the "sign up now" button under your desired plan and complete the account registration.

How will billing be handled?

Billing is handled through credit card processing and recurs each month on the same billing date.

If a month doesn’t have the billing date, the subscription will be billed on the last day of the month. For example, a subscription starting on January 31 bills on February 28 (or February 29 in a leap year), then March 31, April 30, and so on.

How will the billing description come through?

The billing description will be displayed as DIGITALSHIFTMEDIA.COM or DIGITAL SHIFT, with a short description of your services depending on the credit card company and whether your statement shows a detailed or summary description.

Who do I contact if I have billing issues or questions?

For billing questions, please email support@digitalshiftmedia.com and indicate that there is a billing-related inquiry in the subject line of your email, so it can be assigned and escalated accordingly.

What can I expect from my onboarding call for the program, what do I need to prepare, and how much time do I need to allot?

Onboarding calls are designed to learn more about your unique business operation, including your most important services and service areas. It helps us align our strategy to your overall business goals and marketing mix.

The calls take place via Zoom with screen sharing and usually take 45 minutes. Getting the Digital Shift team access to your accounts and data beforehand allows us to have insights into your business before we start the call. Account access emails are sent out to you after signing up. Additional details are included in each access request email.

To make the best use of the onboarding call, we prepared this pre-onboarding call checklist:

  1. Plan sign up completed
  2. Account access emails approved
  3. Sales data sent/uploaded
  4. Territory data sent/uploaded
  5. Average cost per lead, if available

Having the above items completed allows us to have a smooth onboarding process and lets our team hit the ground running.

Who will proof my content?

Our internal senior editors review all content before it is sent out for publishing. Senior editors are experienced in journalism or publishing and hold a Bachelor's or Master’s Degree.

If I need to correct content after it’s been posted on my local website, who do I contact?

For changes or updates to your content after it’s published, please let us know by emailing support@digitalshiftmedia.com and we will take care of the rest.

Changes and updates prior to your content being published can be made in real-time by making comments and edits on the provided Google Doc link.

How do I access the reporting platform?

The 24/7 reporting platform can be accessed via login.digitalshiftmedia.com.

My report looks incorrect, who do I contact?

For all report-related questions please email support@digitalshiftmedia.com.

Can I give access to my reporting dashboard to more team members in my business?

Your team members can have reporting platform accounts created. An email will need to be provided to send their login credentials. You can request to add a team member on the onboarding call or by emailing support@digitalshiftmedia.com.

I can’t log in, and can’t remember my password, who do I contact?

Password resets can be done directly from login.digitalshiftmedia.com by clicking the “forgot password?” text under the login box. You will then be asked to type a valid login email address and need to click the “reset password” button to receive the password reset email with additional instructions.

If I’m not seeing value in the program, who can I escalate my concerns to?

You can reach out to your account manager or schedule a meeting using the calendar booking link found at the bottom of each of our email correspondence. For any comments, questions or concerns you can also email support@digitalshiftmedia.com.

I have multiple franchise locations within the same brand, can I get a discount?

Yes, we have flex plans specifically designed for multi-location owners that allow us to allocate resources to different locations under one custom plan.

I have multiple franchise locations across different brands, can I get a discount?

Yes, we offer custom plans for multi-brand owners.

Can I review the Google review responses before they are posted?

We provide a Google review reply service where we handle everything from start to finish to ensure prompt and effective responses to reviews, which helps to maintain a positive image for your business. Unfortunately, we cannot send proposed replies for your approval before posting them. Our goal is to keep your engagement signals high on your Google profile by providing timely responses to reviews.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the plan within the 12-month contract period, and how will this affect my deliverables?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time with a 30-day notice. The 30-day notice will allow us to wind up or wind down the account. This way, we can adjust for the change in deliverables and make the necessary changes the following service month. Email support@digitalshiftmedia.com when considering a plan upgrade or downgrade to understand how this will impact your deliverables and overall plan.

Can I cancel the plan before the 12-month contract period?

In order to offer you the most competitive pricing through this program, we require a commitment of one year. However, we also provide monthly plans with a slightly higher investment for those who prefer a month-to-month commitment.

What is an Account access email?

An account access email is an email sent to you and the home office or a related contact/account owner, requesting your approval for Digital Shift to manage one of your accounts. 

For example, an email requesting access to be a manager of your Google Business Profile account will require a reply-to-all email with “I approve this request” as the email message from you to inform everyone that you are working with Digital Shift.

How Do I Get Started With a FREE Assessment?

You can get started with a complimentary consultation so that we can determine if you are a good fit for our programs by visiting https://www.getdigitalshift.com/get-started-today

Do You Get Access to Corporate Resources and Content?

Yes, our team gets access to corporate resources, such as FranConnectSky, through the franchisee. We follow the brand guidelines to create customized content that is localized specifically to your market. Customers prefer seeing authentic images of your real work and business, so implementing these into personalized designs for your specific location is something that we do.

Do I Need SEO If I Already Have Someone Looking After My Local Business Listings?

If you want serious results, we certainly think so! Local business listings management, also know as business citations management, is just one small component of Local Marketing. Chances are your competitors are also using a similar business listings service, in addition to other strategies to outrank you. Since this is a very popular question that we get, our team created a page just dedicated to more information about local business listings.

These Services Sound Similar to What I Already Have, What Do You Do Differently?

There may be some similarities between our services and what some of our competitors offer, but search engine optimization and digital marketing services are not created equally. The team at Digital Shift only works with home service franchises and specializes in local search engine ranking. We work with one client in one service area, meaning that you never have to worry about us working with a competitor. Most importantly, we take great pride in having great content writers and a very talented and knowledgeable local link building team in-house, that delivers measurable results using a proven strategy that has been fine-tuned for over a decade.

What Type of Content Marketing Do You Do?

We create content for your services pages, blogs, as well a content that will be used on external social media channels and websites, such as blogs that link back to you.

Do You Use Content from the Corporate Blog for Social Media?

Yes, we add this content to the mix. We prefer writing and sharing in-depth content that is localized for your specific market. Local market-specific content demonstrates your expertise while building authority and trust, but if this is not part of your plan,  our team will create a content calendar using your existing content and resources.

What Social Media Accounts Do You Post To?

In addition to posting to Google Business Profile, we have plans available that include posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Depending on your goals and plan, we will determine the network and frequency of posts with daily posts available. 

Can I Manually Approve My Posts?

We handle the posting for your specific areas and services, using the information from the onboarding and your feedback. Our carefully crafted social posts are showcased on the Google Business Profile for maximum visibility. The posts inform and attract prospective customers, signal Google's attention, and enhance your authority, relevance, rankings, and lead generation.

Can You Manage My Google My Business Account?

Absolutely! We can optimize and monitor your Google My Business, reply to your reviews (per your approval), and skyrocket your engagement by posting to your Google My Business account daily. Your posts will be localized to your market, uploaded, and posted manually.

How Frequently Do You Post to Google My Business?

Daily posting is available, which means we post to your Google My Business account on a daily basis. We mix up the content to include images, videos, offers, text, and links.

Can You Write Blogs For My Location?

In most cases, we can write blog posts specifically for your franchise location on your localized blog. A local blog feature can be turned on by your website provided through corporate upon your request. In-depth localized content helps move the needle because it is valued by both your ideal customers and Google.

Can You Use My Own Photos for Social Media Updates?

Absolutely! We will set up a shared upload folder for you to upload your photos and files. Following branding guidelines, we will use your photos with a tailored social media message for the audience in your market. Your audience will appreciate these authentic and real photos, so expect an increase in engagement and brand awareness.

Can I Customize My Plan?

We have built our packages to best suit the most common problems and solutions we have experienced with home service businesses’ over the last decade.  If you have questions on what plan to choose or need a custom plan, contact us and request your complimentary consultation.

How Much Will My Plan Cost?

It truly depends. Just like you can’t quote a customer over the phone for a job without looking at it and understanding what the requirements are, the total cost of your plan will depend on many factors specific to you and your market including the population and competitiveness. To determine the best approach to get results in your market, contact us for your complimentary consultation.

How Long Will it Take to See Results?

SEO takes time because there is no easy way to game the system. Google’s algorithm has become more and more advanced with an emphasis on delivering users the most relevant, and highest quality results based on their search query. The time frame depends on many factors and will be reviewed with you after we have determined the scope of the project. We will provide a project timeline and make sure that we get your approval on all stages of the project before we start working. Depending on the requirements, competitiveness, Google algorithm updates and your current situation we can typically start seeing results in 3-4+ months in less competitive markets, and 6-8+ months in more competitive markets. Results vary based on individual circumstances.

How Do You Track Progress?

We track your rankings on a daily basis at your city level. This provides us with greater accuracy and best represents the location a prospect will be searching from to find you. We report daily ranking checks and measure your exact position in Google, Goole Local (Maps), Google Mobile, as well as Microsoft Bing.

What Access Do You Need to Perform Your Work?

Should you make the right choice and work with us, we will need manager access to your Google My Business account and Facebook page, as well as login credentials to your Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. For content creation services we will also need access to your local blog on your brand’s corporate website.

What’s Included With My Plan?

Plans come with reporting and dashboard access for local keyword monitoring, Google My Business, and social media so that you can access and see what is going on anytime from any device. Access key performance indicators and compare your results to the prior month or the same month the prior year.

How Long is the Contract For?

The service is month-to-month and should you ever change your mind about working with us, we just require a 30-day notice. We recommend that a client stays with us for a minimum of three months to see results roll in. This is just the nature of how SEO works and how long it can take for the changes to be realized by Google.

Will I Need to Continue with SEO After I Get Good Rankings?

Maintaining your current first-page rankings is just as involved as getting new ones. Since Google is constantly evolving and updating its algorithms, your rankings can fluctuate from one day to the next. Ongoing local marketing services also mitigate your competitor’s efforts in outranking your position.

Which Is Better, SEO or Paid Ads (Google Ads, GLS, etc)?

Paid Ads like Google Ads and Google Local Services (GLS) are a great way of delivering instant traffic to your website, and it can be turned on and off. The downside of Paid Ads is that it costs money, either on a pay-per-click or per-lead basis. Paid Ads can also get extremely expensive making it difficult to maintain healthy profit margins. That being said, as long as the ad spend is still generating a positive return on investment (ROI), it can work well as a stop-gap while waiting for longer-term local marketing strategies to take effect.

On the other hand, SEO takes a longer time to work, but the rewards are greater as the more visible a website becomes organically, the less one may have to spend on a paid ads strategy. SEO efforts also compound month-over-month allowing you to realize residual traffic benefits from the previous month’s work. The truth is that both play an essential role in a brand’s overall marketing strategy.

Who Owns The Accounts and Work You Perform?

You do! All the accounts and work are reviewed and approved by you, and you remain the legal owner of the work performed.

Where Can I Find Copies of My Payment Receipts?

Confirmation emails are sent from support@digitalshiftmedia.com to the account email, the address you used at sign-up.

To ensure you receive all important emails, such as payment confirmations, add support@digitalshiftmedia.com to your contacts and whitelist the email and domain.

If you are still looking for the most recent confirmation, please check your inbox and spam folder in case the email arrived in the wrong inbox. If you can't find any recent emails from us, please contact your IT provider or corporate support to assist with resolving this.

You can also download copies of your transactions by logging into our admin client portal. If your accountant asks for invoices and payment receipts, this is the best place to download all your transactions.

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